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Swimming Lessons

Sessions and Registration Dates

Fall I Swimming Lessons:

Members: Aug. 23rd

Program Members: Aug 24th


Fall II Swimming Lessons:

Members: Oct. 25th

Program Members: Oct. 26th



One-on-one swim instructions tailored to your needs.  Half hour sessions. Contact Jacque Petersen for more information. 641-422-5995

Aqua Babies

Ages six months to two years

These classes are designed to allow your child to have fun in the water through guided instruction with parents. Children will be exposed to games that use basic movements in the water: kicking, arm strokes, breath control, etc. Activities are based on the developmental abilities of the child. Classes are held in the warm-water therapy pool.

Aqua Shrimps

Ages three to five years

This is a parent/child class designed to acquaint young children with the joys of water. As the class progresses, the instructor slowly begins working more individually with children on skills to ready them for preschool classes (without parents).

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