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Summer Camp

The Inclusion Project provides :

  • a customized, local out-of-school experience for youth with disabilities alongside their peers without disabilities  
  • excellent one-on-one counselors available for youth with special needs to adapt activities, provide a break from overstimulating environments and ensure the youth enjoys a safe and fun experience.

Without the Inclusion Project at the YMCA, youth would not have an affordable, accessible out-of-school programming option where they would engage with their diverse peers.

Other camps for youth with special needs are :

  • at least 2 hours away, are offered for only one week at a time
  • engage only youth with the same disabilities in one week of specialized programming
  • can cost up to 3 times the YMCA’s weekly rate

Contact your Mason City Family YMCA for more information on the Inclusion Project, or to schedule a one-on-one counselor for your child with special needs.

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